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Vinay's Brain Dump

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My Journey from a software developer to an Agile Coach and Trainer

by Vinay

Feels like yesterday when I started working for Fosters as a .NET developer. My first full time job after completing my masters degree. Looking back, I can only say that I must be so lucky to have that as my first job. Some wonderful people and some amazing work, I must say I learnt a lot from that job.

Lots has changed in my career and in my personal life in last 10 years. I have moved through the rank and have worked in different role from a developer to senior developer to development manager and now as an Agile coach and trainer. Each role had its good and not so good days but each role has given me some learning which has helped me to grow as a professional and as a person.

Outside my work life, lot of changes has happened to my personal life as well, I am married now and lives with my beautiful wife and 2 gorgeous daughters who are the world to me.

Just like what Steve Jobs said in his speech at Stanford, you can only connect dots looking backward, it certainly seems true for me. Every decision I have made, every path I have taken had led me to where I am and I am proud of it.

Though I miss my technical days and coding, I certainly enjoy coaching people on agile mindset and agile values and principles and help them deliver value to the customers.

That's it for now but I will be writing more on my Agile experiences and will be sharing my learning.. stay tuned :)